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150 Years of Frankenmuth Insurance


                                   The story of Frankenmuth Insurance began

                                   in 1868, when the town of Frankenmuth was
                                   filled with hopes and dreams. Seeking to

                                   spread their faith and create a better life in
                                   America, a handful of German immigrants

                                   founded the town in 1845. Through hard
                                   work and strong bonds of community, the people of                      and teachers at
                                   Frankenmuth soon carved a new life from the Michigan forests.          Hart School Haus.

                                   The town was growing and the future looked bright, but there were
                                   trials. When a storm or fire damaged a barn or a home, the farmers

                                   couldn’t dial up their agent or reach out online. They relied on their neighbors.

                                   Pledging to help each other in times of need, the people of Frankenmuth
                                   formed a mutual alliance of support which would one day become Frankenmuth

                                   In many ways, we’ve come a long way from that small-town pledge. But in one
                                   important way, we haven’t. We’re still neighbor helping neighbor, providing the

                                   peace of mind that only the most trusted friends can offer.

                                   In celebration of all our neighbors, we bring you this 150-year history
                                     of Frankenmuth Insurance.

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